Garage Door Product & Services

Selecting the right garage door and understanding the intricacies of installation and services are vital to ensure longevity and optimal performance of your garage door system.

Installation Essentials

When you opt for professional garage door installations, you’re investing in quality craftsmanship that ensures your door operates smoothly.

Consider the technical and inventory aspects, including the selection of garage door openers and torsion springs for use. Source these parts from reputable garage door sales to guarantee their quality. High-grade materials translate to fewer problems down the line.

  • Door Springs: Ensure the use of high-quality garage door springs for balanced lifting power.
  • Openers: Select advanced garage door openers enhancing functional efficiency and security features.

Garage Door Selection

Choosing a new garage door can be a substantial enhancement to your property. Focus on materials that offer both durability and aesthetic appeal. Steel and aluminium doors present a blend of strength and cost-effectiveness, while wood offers a classic look. Factor in insulation properties for energy efficiency and noise reduction.

  • Materials: Steel, Wood, Aluminum, Fiberglass
  • Insulation: Single-layer, Double-layer, Triple-layer

Garage Door Installation Services

When the time comes for a new garage door replacement or garage door upgrade, contact Arising Garage Doors. New garage doors can instantly and dramatically improve your home’s appearance. Our experienced professionals will skilfully complete your garage door installation. You can rest assured that we will respect manufacturer specifications for the best installation possible. Our trained installers will make sure that your new garage doors, hardware and equipment operate to specification.

Garage Door Repair Services

While an inoperative garage door is an inconvenience, a broken door spring or a failing door can be extremely hazardous to all family members as well as property. Noticing subtle signs of impending door failure is the first step in recognizing when a repair my be necessary. Recognizing and repairing a smaller issue early can help in preventing a major home repair issue. Therefore, don’t ignore the need for maintenance of what is very likely biggest and heaviest moving object in your homes.

New Garage Door

Garage doors have experienced a major transformation. Today’s garage doors do a lot more than go up and down. They deliver style, save energy, protect your house from powerful winds and they don’t need to be affected by power outages anymore. If your garage door is 10 years or older, it probably doesn’t. We can help beautify your your home with a new garage door that reflects your personal style and usage needs.

Garage Door Sales & Services

There are many features for considerations when choosing a new garage door. Pricing is one major consideration, but insulation, style, windows are also important. You do not have to make these decisions without an informed professional to help you in the decision making process. A new garage door is an investment. Allow us to assist you in choosing a new garage door using all the options available on today’s models.

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs counterbalance the weight of the garage door to make it easy to open and close the door. The weight of the garage door is countered by a spring force equal to this weight that will pull against the weight of the door. The springs either stretch or torque special parts to help in balancing the door, making the raising and lowering of the door more effortless.

Garage Spring Repair

Broken garage door springs can leave your door incapable of use. The springs actually lift the door. Replacing springs yourself can be very dangerous and should not be considered a do-it-yourself project. This repair requires the proper training and equipment. How often you will need to replace your garage door spring is determined by the quality of the springs themselves and how often the door is used. Fixing a failing or broken spring requires that the broken spring be replaced. Many people prefer to leave this repair to a professional repairman like those here at Arising Garage Doors.

Garage Spring Replacement

Replacing or repairing garage door springs is dangerous. The torque in a wound torsion spring or the stretch in an extended extension spring must be released safely. Garage door repairs typically involve replacing garage door parts that are linked into the spring system. Injuries, up to and including death, can occurred when the forces at work are not respected or understood. Garage door springs hold and release energy. An understanding of the connections between garage door springs, weights & parts is essential for safe repairs.

Garage Door Openers

We install and repair all makes and models of garage door openers. Arising Garage Doors offers highly skilled and professional technicians that are familiar with the many types of garage door openers available on the market today. We will assist you in choosing a garage door model that is best suited to your needs and your garage. Most garage opener installations can be completely on the same day.

Garage Opener Repair

Not many appliances work as hard as your garage door opener. They provide years of hassle-free service, but eventually openers do break down. When your garage door opener starts to fail, don’t assume you need to completely replace it. There are many repairs that can be made with only a small monetary investment. Schedule your garage door repair service appointment online or give us a call today. We can repair all major garage door brands, even if you didn’t purchase from Arising Garage Doors.